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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Inspire Your Creativity

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January 26, 2024
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Wallpaper in bathrooms can provide unmatched depth and personality when executed with thoughtful intention. With the right pattern and color, bathroom wallpaper can elevate a simple bathroom into one of tasteful design and texture.

A world of elegant possibilities awaits, from subtle and muted gray bathrooms to artful displays of grandeur. Let’s explore some wallpaper ideas to inspire your next design.

Bathroom Shower Wallpaper: Waterproof Elegance

Credit: Maison Birmingham
A bathroom with a tub and a sinkDescription automatically generated
Credit: @cambriasurfaces Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet

Though unconventional, wallpapering your shower can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional when done right. Be sure to use a waterproof material such as vinyl or apply a sealing varnish to prevent water damage.

If you want the visual appeal of shower wallpaper without these concerns, consider tiling to provide intricate patterns. As always, seek professional guidance for precise implementation.

Dark Hues and Black Bathroom Wallpaper

Black accents in wallpaper create a dramatic allure, drawing one into a realm of sophistication. Whether it's the graceful dance of intricate patterns or the bold statement of a solid black canvas, black bathroom wallpaper can enhance the room’s design, from the minimalist to the ornate.

Soothing Blue Bathroom Wallpaper

Credit: Bridgette Haulenbeek Interiors

From soothing sky blue to rich navy, blue wallpapers can set the perfect mood for relaxation and tranquility. Choose shades that harmonize with your bathroom's fixtures.

Charming Farmhouse Bathroom Wallpaper 

Credit: Iriana Shiyan

Achieve the classic farmhouse bathroom aesthetic with wallpaper patterns that echo rustic simplicity. Complement with vintage fixtures to complete the look.

Master Bathroom Wallpaper for a Large Space

Credit: @stoneandbirch @lindapordonphotography

Creating a cohesive flow within a large space is an art. Consider wallpaper that resonates with your bedroom's design for a harmonious ambiance.

Modern Bathroom Wallpaper: Striking and Sleek

Credit: @mrsparanjape @nativehousephotography
Credit: Jodie Johnson

Sleek lines and minimalist designs define modern wallpaper trends. Explore contemporary patterns that emphasize style without sacrificing functionality.

Small Bathroom Wallpaper for a Guest Bathroom

A bathroom with a mirror and a sinkDescription automatically generated
Credit: @liacasaledesign Featured Product: Bellis® Noble Sink Faucet, Cross Handles

Creative use of wallpaper in small spaces can give the illusion of a bigger room. Experiment with vertical patterns to elongate the area.

Colorful Floral Wallpaper: Bright and Engaging

Credit: Maison Birmingham
Credit: Jennifer

Floral designs add a touch of romance and elegance. Pick patterns that complement your bathroom's color scheme.

Gold Wallpaper for Esteemed Elegance

Credit: Jodie Johnson

Gold bathrooms exude luxury. Add a golden touch to elevate the overall aesthetics of your space.

Quirky Bathroom Wallpaper Patterns 

dark green bathroom with moody wallpaper
Credit: @andreamayinteriorslj @karynmillet Featured Product: One™ Sink Faucet, Low Spout, Lever Handles
green grass patterned wallpaper with reed framed mirror
Credit: @hamptondesignershowhouse Featured Product: Pinna Paletta® Sink Faucet

Go bold with unconventional patterns. These designs can infuse personality and character into your bathroom space.

Textured Wallpaper for Visual Interest

Credit: @signature_kitchen_bath
Credit: Robern

Experience luxury through touch with textured wallpapers, from silk finishes to embossed patterns.

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Romantic and Flowery: Boudoir Aesthetic

Credit: @jeanstofferdesign @stofferphotographyinteriors
Credit: Kate Taylor Interiors

Embrace rich colors and florals to bring an intimate feel to your personal space.

Create Your Own Oasis

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Vintage Wallpaper for Familiar Comfort 

Credit: nadine

Take inspiration from the past with elegant damask or baroque patterns.

Kids’ Bathroom Wallpaper: Playful Luxury

Credit: @mindygayerdesign
Credit: Maison Birmingham

Whimsical yet tasteful designs can make the kids' bathroom a delightful space. Think playful patterns with a touch of elegance.

Multiple Patterns for a Striking Statement

For a bold approach, use clashing patterns to create a vibrant and unique atmosphere. 

Transforming your bathroom is more than a renovation; it's an expression of taste, style, and personal luxury. Through the artful selection of wallpaper, whether it's the bold intrigue of black or the delicate charm of floral designs, your bathroom becomes a sanctuary—a place where function meets finesse.  

These ideas are but a canvas; your creativity and individual flair are the true architects of a space that's uniquely yours. Indulge in the pleasure of design and let your bathroom tell a story that's as sophisticated as it is approachable.

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