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Kitchens With Black Countertops That Will Inspire Your Renovation

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August 18, 2023
Kallista Design

Black kitchen counters can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen space. Their sleek and modern appearance provides the perfect foundation for creating a chic and stylish kitchen. Whether you prefer a contemporary or transitional design, kitchens with black countertops offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization.

To get inspired for your kitchen renovation, explore photos below of kitchens with black countertops. Discover the versatility and beauty of black countertops, from matte finishes to polished surfaces.

Blend Black Countertops With Metal Accents

modern white kitchen with black countertop
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For a transitional design that blends elements of traditional and modern spaces, consider pairing black countertops with metal details. When contrasted against a stunning chandelier or reflective metal faucet, black countertops make a more distinctive statement.

White Kitchen With Black Countertops

white farmhouse kitchen with black countertop
Credit: @elizabethlawsondesign Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

A black-and-white color palette is a classic and timeless choice, bringing contrast and visual interest to any space. Consider pairing dark kitchen countertops with white cabinetry, as well as switching back and forth between the two neutral tones on the backsplash, walls, and floors.  

Add Warmth With Wood Accents

classic white kitchen with black countertop
Credit: @krywicki_interiordesign Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

While black details can seem cold on their own, you can easily add warmth to the space with wood flooring and seating. Warm wood can easily add comfort to any modern design, while still embracing the clean lines and cool look of minimalist kitchen ideas.

Kitchens With Black Granite Countertops  

luxury white kitchen with black countertop
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Instead of adding black countertops to the entire kitchen, let an island serve as the centerpiece with high-contrast black on white.  

Opt for Black Countertops as a Base for Your Design

black kitchen countertop with gold faucet
Credit: @commongoodstudio Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

Black countertops can be a focal point for your design or a stable backdrop for more playful colors, like this forest green wall, brass faucet, and bright plant.  

Reflective Black Countertops  

ckise up of black kitchen faucet handle
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Choosing a reflective surface can help bounce light around the room, making the space feel open and inviting.  

Keep It Simple With a Modern Design

oranges on black kitchen countertop

The clean lines of modern minimalist design are a perfect fit for kitchens with black countertops, allowing you to focus the space on function while still maintaining a sense of effortless style.  

Create Your Own Oasis

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Soften Black Countertops With Texture  

kitchen with marble black countertop
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For a chic backdrop to black countertops, consider textured walls that add even more visual interest to the space. For a modern farmhouse look, explore kitchen shiplap ideas.  

Pair Black and Wood for a Transitional Look

Transitional design often pairs the clean lines of modern sensibilities with the warmth of classic design, such as this pairing of wood cabinets with matte black countertops.

Embrace the Clean Lines of Modern Minimalism  

Minimalist design flawlessly blends function and form, creating a modern look in any kitchen that pairs perfectly with black countertops.

Create a Luxurious Design With Black and Gray

luxury kitchen with black countertop

Transform your kitchen into a space of classic luxury by combining shades of black and gray throughout the room. A black countertop kitchen paired with lighter gray floors and wall colors can create a sleek space for entertaining guests.  

Pair Black Kitchen Counters With Pops of Color  

blue kitchen with black countertop

Soften the darkness of black countertops with brighter touches of color in the backsplash or wall art.  

Choose Black Countertops With Subtle Veining

kitchen with black countertop made of marble
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Instead of solid black countertops, choose Nero Marquina marble or quartz to add visual interest.  

Find Art Deco Kitchen Inspiration  

apartmnet kitchen with black countertop

The modern sensibility of black countertops pairs well with Art Deco-inspired designs, like gold and white walls and vibrant furniture.  

Add a Black Range to Wood Countertops  

wood kitchen countertop with black stovetop

If you don’t want to invest in all-black countertops, consider adding a black stovetop or range to your wooden countertops to create a modern sensibility while maintaining a warm design.  

Exude Elegance With Golden Brass Accents  

black kitchen countertop
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Gold details elevate any design and add a unique elegance to a black countertop kitchen. The stylish pairing of black and gold fits well with both modern and transitional designs. Explore luxury kitchen faucets to find the right style and finish to complete your kitchen renovation.

Create High Contrast With Black and White

white kitchen with black countertops and backsplash

For a sharp contrast, pair bright white cabinets and walls with deep black kitchen counters.

Mimic Marble With Black Countertops

black marble kitchen countertop

Embrace the elegance of marble countertops with a more durable material like quartz. Choose black countertops with a veining pattern reminiscent of traditional stone designs.  

Retro Black Countertops and Checkered Flooring

kitchen with checkered floors

Harken back to the days of playful diners for your kitchen design, pairing black kitchen counters with white cabinets and tying the whole space together with a checkered black-and-white tile pattern on the floor.

Reach for Smooth and Subtle Elegance

black and white kitchen with small square dining table

Contemporary designs feature a sense of elegant grace that elevates any kitchen design. Black countertops paired with a subtly textured white tile backsplash makes for a striking yet simple aesthetic.  

Design a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

Create a warm and cozy modern farmhouse kitchen design with black countertops, white tiled walls, and wood accents.

Reflective Cabinets and Black Countertops Add Elegance

espresso bar with black countertop

Sleek modern designs with black countertops are ideal for kitchen spaces. Choose reflective cabinet doors that add brightness to what would otherwise be a dark room.

Pair Black Countertops With Bright Metal Finishes

black kitchen countertop with chrome faucet
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While matte black finishes look fantastic with black countertops, a little shine never hurts. Consider reflective finishes with a subtle shine to add a modern touch of elegance to the space.

Ground a Lighter Design With Black Countertops  

white kitchen with stainless steel fridge and black countertop
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A light-colored kitchen can sometimes feel overwhelming in its color palette, but black kitchen counters can stabilize the design and provide a pleasing sense of visual contrast.

Play With Different Textures and Materials

wood kitchen with black countertop

Consider pairing black countertops with a variety of other materials, like warm wood cabinets, neutral tile floors, or even a patterned backsplash.  

Design Your Dream Kitchen

For homeowners looking to elevate their kitchen's style, incorporating black countertops is an approach worth considering in this year’s kitchen trends. With their sleek and modern appearance, black countertops add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen space, whether you prefer a contemporary or transitional design. Their versatility allows for customization and personalization, with matte or polished finishes that can be paired with various metal, wood, and color accents to create a unique and beautiful open kitchen idea.

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