25 Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Update and Style Your Kitchen

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April 20, 2023
Kallista Design

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling ideas that are inviting and sophisticated? The right colors, lighting, furnishings, and accessories can help you achieve your dream kitchen aesthetic.  

Whether you’re transforming an outdated space into a modern paradise or are looking to make a small kitchen more efficient, KALLISTA has ideas to help bring your vision into reality. Explore our list of luxury kitchen remodel ideas below.

Two-Tone Kitchen Remodel Idea

white and gray bathroom remodel
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A black-and-white contrasting color scheme offers timeless appeal. Consider using pure white surfaces to expand the room, while relying on dark countertops to make a sophisticated statement. Dark countertops are also a practical choice for hiding potential debris stains.

Experiment With Patterns and Textures

white farmhouse kitchen remodel
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Varying patterns and textures are superb kitchen ideas for remodeling, especially for traditional interiors where decorative touches are welcome. Mix and match your curtains and tiled backsplash for an eye-catching impact. Consider keeping the cabinets and countertops neutral so the patterns aren’t overwhelming.  

Abundant Lighting for Your Kitchen Remodel

white kitchen remodel with black hardware
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A straight line of long and narrow pendant lights draws the eye and gives your kitchen an overall larger appearance. If this decorative light display doesn’t provide sufficient task lighting, consider adding recessed lights in the ceiling to accomplish food prep with ease.

Small Kitchen Remodel Idea: Open Shelving

wood and white kitchen remodel with stainless steel fridge
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Along with cabinets and drawers, consider open shelving to store and display dishes. You can use a mix of cool and warm tones for your dishes to add a playful element to your kitchen remodel.  

Create a Wall Niche for Decoration and Storage

marble white kitchen remodel
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Extra storage is always a plus, especially in a compact space. A recessed niche in the kitchen wall offers space for storing dishes and displaying decorations without detracting from the room.  

Consider installing a Brushed Nickel kitchen faucet to your island to add a soft gleam.

Choose Cool Tones for a Soothing Environment  

farmhouse kitchen with green cabinets, blue marble countertop, and gold wall mount pot filler
Featured Product: Wall-Mount Pot Filler

Perhaps your ideal kitchen design is somewhere between warm farmhouse and modern monochrome. Since cooking can be a terrific way to decompress, consider shades of blue and green to add a sense of calm to your culinary oasis. Pistachio green cabinets and dark blue marble countertops pair beautifully with the golden sheen of Unlacquered Brass kitchen hardware.

Kitchen Remodel Idea With Island Storage

wood kitchen island with integrated oven and white farmhouse sink
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Add a large island to an open floor plan to help draw the room together. A larger island gives you the space to add a sink, cabinetry, and even integrated appliances.

Traditional Kitchen Remodeling Idea

white kitchen with dark green cabinets and gold range hood above stovetop
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Traditional kitchens often include creative color and pattern choices. This space uses gold tones for the range hood, pull-down faucet, and designer bar chairs against emerald green cabinets for classic elegance. These choices keep your kitchen light and open while adding a touch of personality.  

Island Kitchen Remodeling Idea With Seating

white and gray open kitchen remodel
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A kitchen island with seating is ideal for large families or individuals who often have hosting duties. It also makes the island into a cozy nook to relax and grab a quick bite.  

Remodel Your Kitchen With a Workstation Sink

white kitchen with brushed stainless steel faucets
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Indulge your inner chef with a 45-inch kitchen sink with workstation accessories. Complete with an integrated cutting board and multi-tiered storage with task-oriented accessories, this sink is perfect for preparing food with ease.

Pro Tip: Choose 16-gauge stainless steel luxury kitchen sinks for long-term durability.

Matte Black Kitchen Remodel Idea

kitchen with black countertops, wood cabintes, shiny stainless steel square sink, matte black faucet, and view of city in windows
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Bar Faucet  

A matte black faucet installed on a Nero Marquina marble countertop will enhance the sophistication of your kitchen or wet bar.  

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Choose the Best for Your Kitchen Faucet

white kitchen with tall black pull down faucet with golden handle.
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

A luxury kitchen faucet can add the perfect touch. Consider a faucet from our Juxtapose collection by renowned designer Mick De Giulio.  

As a sophisticated take on performance kitchen design, this stylish faucet collection is expertly crafted to delight novices and kitchen connoisseurs alike. Modern in approach with a palette of inspired singular and mixed metal PVD finish combinations, Juxtapose by Mick De Giulio features slim profiles and chic details combined with the latest spray technology for the ultimate functionality, performance, and reliability.

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Modern Black and White Kitchen Design

black and white kitchen remodel
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Keep the space open by using white for most of your surfaces with black accents. A Matte Black or Gunmetal kitchen faucet is a sophisticated choice for modern black and white kitchens.

Chic Farmhouse Kitchen

white kitchen with gold fixtures
Featured Product: Quincy™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

For a modern farmhouse design, opt for bold lighting choices like these dome lights in a warm brass finish. Add touches of brass throughout your kitchen for a cohesive result. Finally, consider a shiplap ceiling or wall for the ultimate farmhouse sensibility.

Include a Side Sprayer With Your Faucet

white kitchen with chrome faucet and sidespray
Featured Product: Quincy™ Sidespray

Consider brushed nickel kitchen accessories, like sidesprays and soap dispensers, for maximum efficiency. A fully-appointed kitchen sink puts everything you need at your fingertips with a clean and seamless design.  

Sophisticated Backsplash Idea  

kitchen area with stovetop oven, and range hood with marble wall backsplash
Featured Product: Wall-Mount Pot Filler

A backsplash serves a practical purpose for capturing any splashes or stains that may arise from the stovetop while cooking. With a thoughtful design, the backsplash may also be the focal point of your kitchen.  

Choose Pastels for a Farmhouse Kitchen Design

white and green kitchen
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Off-whites and muted pastels are both classy and comforting, making them ideal for a calming farmhouse kitchen.  

Warm Accents In a Neutral Kitchen

white farmhouse kitchen
Featured Product: Vir Stil® Minimal Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Add warmth to a neutral kitchen with wood floors and shelving trim. Polished nickel kitchen faucets can add a little glimmer to this design. Pair with a bright arrangement of flowers for a charming farmhouse appeal.  

Modern Monochromatic Kitchen Idea

white and gray kitchen remodel
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

A reflective faucet setup with a soap dispenser creates a cohesive presentation of functional beauty in this minimalist kitchen.  

White Kitchen Design

white and gray kitchen with stove
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

For a clean and airy look, choose a predominantly white kitchen. Consider wood countertops with a gray stain for a monochromatic result with visual interest.  

Make a Statement With Stark Contrasts

chrome kitchen faucets on white countertop with liding glass backdoor in blurry background
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

Contrast a mostly white kitchen with black or charcoal gray elements for a timeless aesthetic.  

Coordinate Faucets and Soap Dispensers

chrome soap dispenser
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Soap Dispenser

Installing a soap dispenser from the same collection as your faucet helps keep the countertops neat and free of clutter.  

Modern Industrial Kitchen Remodel

white kitchen with black professional faucet
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Faucet

The industrial interior design style is all about blending edge and sophistication. Choose a Matte Black faucet and a dark sink to complement the look.  

Stainless Steel Appliances

white kitchen with strainless steel fridge
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Stainless steel is durable, visually appealing, and easy to clean.  

Add a Sparkle of Gold

white kitchen with gold accents
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Add a little gleam to your white kitchen with golden brass faucets and hardware.  

Appoint Your Kitchen in Luxury

KALLISTA offers a sophisticated line of faucets and sinks to create the kitchen of your dreams. With solid brass faucets and stainless steel sinks, your KALLISTA kitchen is sure to be a stunning gathering place.  

FAQs About Kitchen Remodel Ideas  

What is the average cost to update your kitchen?  

The average kitchen remodel costs anywhere from $5000 to $25,000. This number can fluctuate depending on the size of the kitchen, contract work vs. DIY, and what materials are used.  

What will cost the most for my kitchen remodel?  

Cabinets and countertops usually cost the most. High-end appliances can also add significant expenses but may save money in the end due to their longevity.

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