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5 Steps To Clean Your Chrome Fixtures

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April 14, 2023
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If you’re looking to add striking detail to your kitchen or bathroom faucet ideas, chrome is a renowned finish. With its blue-silver tones and high-luster surface, chrome captures surrounding reflections in a brilliant display.

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Proper product care for chrome is key to maintaining its sparkling shine. You’ll learn about water spots, tarnishing, and how to polish chrome faucets in our overview below.

How To Clean Your Chrome Faucets Step by Step

Here are five tips on how to clean chrome faucets and help them retain their glimmer.  

Reminder: The effectiveness of cleaners and methods depends upon many factors, including water hardness and temperature, ingredient measurements, changes to cleaning formulas, and the condition of the product being cleaned. As these factors vary, KALLISTA cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these procedures.

1. Dry Off Accumulated Water  

If water accumulates on your faucet, it can cause spotting or corrosion. You can avoid this by wiping your faucet down with a dry cloth after each use. Keep a soft microfiber cloth near the sink for convenience.  

2. Rinse Away Traces of Soap

If any soap, lotion, or toothpaste splashes onto your faucet, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly. Then, pat dry.  

3. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners and Solvents  

Properly cleaning your chrome faucets is key to avoiding smudges, smears, rust stains, and pitting.

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Don’t use any harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, or cleansers that contain scrubbing agents that can scratch the metal’s surface. Having an all-purpose cleaner for your bathroom is very convenient, but it may mar or damage the surface of your chrome. Before using any type of bathroom cleanser on your chrome, read the label for your fixture thoroughly.

You should also never use cleaning tools that can scratch your fixtures. Avoid stiff-bristled scrub brushes or abrasive sponges, and opt for a soft microfiber cleaning cloth instead.  

If you need to brush off any buildup, opt for a soft toothbrush and a gentle hand.  

4. Prevent Water Spotting With an Occasional, Nonabrasive Wax

Applying a pure wax to your fixture and buffing it with a soft cloth on an occasional basis can help maintain a high luster. This method may be useful for preventing water spot buildup.

5. Polish for Water Spots and Tarnishing  

If you’re wondering how to clean tarnished chrome faucets, we recommend applying a small amount of Simichrome Polish™. Then, rub briskly and use a clean, soft cloth to remove any excess.

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The protective film left by the Simichrome Polish can enhance your maintenance experience.

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Maintain Chrome's Reflective Qualities

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Chrome is a popular finish choice for luxury faucets due to its high shine and reflective qualities. However, to maintain its beauty and prevent tarnishing, it is important to take proper care of your chrome fixtures. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can help your chrome faucets maintain their glimmer for years to come. As with any cleaning method, it's important to consider various factors that can affect its effectiveness, but with a little care and attention, your chrome fixtures will continue to shine bright in your home.

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