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Finding the Best Blue Paint Color for Your Space

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January 25, 2024
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Immerse in the elegance of blue—the hue of serenity and sophistication. The right shade can transform your space, elevating it with a touch of elegance. Explore the spectrum of luxurious blues, each offering a distinct aesthetic allure.  

Let’s explore some of the best blue paint colors from trusted brands, taking you through the luxurious options that can suit various aesthetics and moods.  

The Spectrum of Blue Paint Colors

By DG-Studio

A blue paint color can be defined as any shade that falls within the blue color shading spectrum, which ranges from the calming shades of light blue like Sky Blue to the luxurious depth of Navy Blue. There's a blue hue for every mood and setting.  

  • Sky Blue: Sky Blue, embodying the openness of a clear sky, is a prime choice for kitchen color ideas—especially in smaller spaces bathed in natural light.
  • Navy Blue: Make a bold statement with Navy Blue, a shade resonating with luxury and sophistication, ideal for accent walls.
  • Teal: Teal, an elegant blend of blue with a hint of green, sits elegantly in the mid-range of blue shades. For those wondering if they should paint kitchen cabinets, teal offers a vibrant yet elegant option that can pair well with both wooden and white finishes.  
  • Cyan: Bright and energizing, Cyan is a hue that sits between blue and green on the color spectrum. It's a more contemporary shade and is ideal for modern, upbeat spaces. 

Exploring Benjamin Moore Blues

Known for their high-quality paints that last a lifetime, Benjamin Moore offers a sophisticated palette of blues that can add a touch of elegance to any room. 

Palladian Blue HC-144

Credit: Benjamin Moore

This hue is one of the quintessential pale blue paint colors and is perfect for capturing the light and airy essence of a room.  Consider this color in your bathroom for a spa-like experience. For more inspiration, check out these blue bathroom ideas. 

November Skies 2128-50

Credit: Benjamin Moore

November Skies offers a subtle, muted blue that invokes a sense of calm and understated elegance. Pair this with neutral furniture and gold accents for a refined look. 

Starry Night Blue 2067-20

Credit: Benjamin Moore

A deep, celestial blue, Starry Night Blue offers a rich backdrop for any room. Great for an accent wall or even a full room for those brave enough to embrace its intensity. 

Blue Note 2129-30

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Dark and mysterious, Blue Note brings an element of sophistication to any space.  This color pairs well with stark whites and lighter blues for a dynamic contrast. 

Windmill Wings 2067-60

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Light and whimsical, Windmill Wings adds a pop of brightness, perfect for smaller rooms.  This is a perfect choice for a child's bedroom or creative workspace to inspire imagination. 

Delving Into Sherwin-Williams Blues

Sherwin-Williams provides a range of blues that combine both contemporary style and timeless elegance. 

Inky Blue SW 9149

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Inky Blue is a rich, almost teal-like hue that adds a sophisticated touch. Pair with earth tones and wooden furniture for a nature-inspired aesthetic. 

Create Your Own Oasis

We're setting the industry standard with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.


Lakeshore SW 6494

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Light and refreshing, Lakeshore brings a feeling of a day at the beach to your home. Design Tip: Use in a bathroom or sunroom where natural light can enhance its airy qualities. 

Charcoal Blue SW 2739

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Charcoal Blue offers a muted, sophisticated tone that leans towards slate. Ideal for office spaces where a touch of color can alleviate the monotony. 

Respite SW 6514

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Respite is a tranquil, soft blue with a hint of gray, providing a calm oasis. Best used in bedrooms or meditation rooms where relaxation is key. 

Porch Ceiling SW 9063

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

With a whimsical nod to the sky, Porch Ceiling is perfect for outdoor spaces. Use on a porch ceiling for a traditional townhouse feel. 

Unveiling Behr’s Blue Palette

Behr offers a versatile selection of blues, each crafted to perfection and designed to make a statement. 

Optimum Blue M540-7

Credit: Behr

Bold and striking, Optimum Blue can be the focal point in a modern living space. Keep furniture and décor minimal to let this vibrant color take center stage. 

Peek A Blue T17-04

Credit: Behr

Peek A Blue is light and playful, perfect for encouraging a creative atmosphere.  Use this in a children's playroom paired with primary colors for a lively setting. 

Adirondack Blue N480-5

Credit: Behr

This color evokes the serenity and depth of a mountain lake. Excellent for studies or libraries, where focus and calm are essential. 

Charismatic Sky M520-3

Credit: Behr

Soft and dreamy, Charismatic Sky can transform a room into a haven of tranquility. Pair with white and pastel accessories for a cloud-like experience. 

Ice Drop M530-1

Credit: Behr

Cool and crisp, Ice Drop brings a breath of fresh air to any room. Consider this for a kitchen or laundry room where cleanliness and freshness are key. 

The journey to finding the right blue extends beyond a mere paint swatch. It's about curating an ambiance that resonates with your taste and lifestyle. Venture through different shades, sample your favorites, and immerse yourself in the blue that harmonizes with your space.

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