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Curated Craft: Milan Design Week 2024

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April 17, 2024
Kallista Design

In the vibrant heart of Milan, Italy, from April 16th to April 21st, Milan Design Week 2024 unfolds as a testament to the world's unyielding creativity and innovation in design. Among the illustrious names and pioneering visionaries at this year's Salone del Mobile, Kallista stands poised to unveil a spectacle of refined craftsmanship and distinguished design.

Salone del Mobile 2024: A Stage for Kallista's Vision

Kallista's participation is part of an immersive Kohler booth, thoughtfully curated alongside KLAFS and Kast, and brought to life by the renowned design prowess of Yabu Pushelberg. This collaboration signifies not just a gathering of names but a symphony of ideas, each contributing to a holistic vision of what living spaces can and should be.

kallista faucet with marble handle on display at milan design week 2024

Our exhibit, a carefully choreographed space of elegance and precision, aims to encapsulate the essence of what Kallista stands for: the amalgamation of form and function without the whispers of compromise. At the core of our presentation are collections that each narrate a unique story of design evolution and meticulous craftsmanship.

002 Collection: Minimalism Reimagined

kallista salone del mobile faucet display with marble stone countertops

With the 002 Collection, Kallista embraces a softer minimalism that speaks to the contemporary spirit. It reflects an intuitive understanding of modern interior architectures, marrying gently domed surfaces with streamlined profiles. Here, the essence of contemporary elegance is captured in a palette of singular shapes, each embodying a statement of refined simplicity.

Bandeau: A Modern Artifact

marble and brass showerhead at display for milan furniture fair 2024

An invocation of subtle adornment emerges within the Bandeau Collection of luxury showerheads. Defined by its artful materiality, the collection brings a distinctive design to the contemporary showerhead, marrying superior functionality with a nuanced attention to form. It's a collection that pays homage to the historical archetypes of decoration, reimagined through the lens of modernity.

Guise: Bold Singularity

kallista guise chrome faucet displayed at milan furniture fair 2024

The Guise Collection is a refined take on American contemporary style, where bold, rectangular forms gracefully meet detailed soft transitions. The absence of parting lines in bathroom faucet profiles is a testament to precise manufacturing, underscoring our commitment to an understated luxury that speaks volumes through meticulous attention to detail.

Argile: A Sanctuary of Minimalist Design

matte black textured tub n display for milan design week 2024

The Matte Black Argile Freestanding Bathtub stands as a monument to minimalist design, its form a cocooning half-moon shape adorned with a textural raised pattern that cascades over the exterior in decorative relief. Named Argile, French for clay, this freestanding bathtub embodies the organic aesthetics of minimalist design, inviting contemplation and tranquility.

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Invitation to Experience Kallista at Salone del Mobile 2024

luxury bathroom materials displayed for salone del mobile 2024

As Salone del Mobile unfolds, Kallista extends an invitation to explore a vision of design where beauty and functionality converge in harmony. Alongside Kohler, KLAFS, and Kast, we seek to redefine the essence of living beautifully. Join us in this celebration of design, where each detail is a whisper of innovation, and every creation a testament to the art of living with intention.


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