Kitchen Sink Styles

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August 18, 2023
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Selecting the right kitchen sink type is crucial during a renovation. Not only must you consider size and installation specifics, but you must also ensure the style melds well with the overall room.  

Do you need a large basin for preparing gourmet meals or a diminutive design for a kitchenette? What about a secondary bar or prep sink? These factors will help you determine which kitchen sink style is best for your remodel.  

Functional and Stylish Kitchen Sink Ideas: Guide With Photo Examples

While the many options may appear daunting, it’s actually quite easy to find the right kitchen sink for your style and installation needs.  Explore our guide to the most popular kitchen sink styles to find the perfect one.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Featured Product: Soltiere® 33" Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

As you may know, an undermount kitchen sink is installed under the countertop. Installing an undermount sink involves applying silicone sealant and screwing in clips through a custom-cut hole in the bottom of the counter. This flush installation makes a sleek appearance perfect for a modern kitchen design.  

Benefits of an Undermount Sink

Stylish and popular, undermount sinks are an excellent choice for custom kitchens with an upscale feel.
The flush design offers an attractive style and easy cleanup. You can swipe crumbs right into the basin without any barrier. Custom cutouts are often needed to install undermount sinks.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Styles

Credit: @amandalodgedesign Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

An apron-front sink, also known as a farmhouse sink, features a portion that extends to the front of the sink and counter. Naturally, this country-style kitchen sink is particularly common in rustic and traditional interiors. Most apron-front sinks are cast iron or fireclay, resulting in a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Benefits of an Apron-Front Sink

Apron-front kitchen sinks are beloved for their deep basins and are ideal for washing large dishes. Some families utilize an apron-front sink and pull-down faucet as part of a mudroom to wash off dogs or children after playing outside. Plus, this design style is inspired by vintage aesthetics, giving it timeless appeal.  

With a timeless and utilitarian design, a quality apron-front sink is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

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Double Basin Kitchen Sinks

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A kitchen sink with two basins is ideal for handwashing dishes or rinsing off fruits and vegetables. This kitchen sink style features a divider so you can reserve a side for food prep and another for washing dishes.  

Benefits of a Double Basin Sink

Double kitchen sink styles are multi-purpose and provide flexibility for washing, rinsing, and draining. While this type of sink was widely popular before electric dishwashers became commonplace, many modern homes still utilize them for their reliable functionality and timeless style. Since multitasking with a double basin is a breeze, this kitchen sink layout is great for families and home chefs.

Single Basin Kitchen Sinks

Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Kitchen Collection by Mick De Giulio

As the name implies, a single basin sink features one bowl without dividers. Most single basin designs are large enough to wash big cookware like baking sheets or pasta pots comfortably. The spacious design allows you to place cookware at the bottom of the basin without worrying about water splashing onto the countertop.  

Benefits of a Single Basin Sink  

A single basin saves counter space while simultaneously providing sufficient room for large dishes. And if you prefer a farm-style kitchen sink with an apron front, you can easily find one in a single bowl design.

Single basin sinks come in various sizes and materials to accommodate your needs.

Island Kitchen Sinks

Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Kitchen Collection by Mick De Giulio

If your kitchen layout includes an island, consider using it for a sink. Your kitchen island sink can be the primary basin or used for prep purposes, depending on your specific needs. This approach can optimize your workflow and save space on the main countertop.  

Benefits of an Island Sink

Installing a sink on your island improves functionality and comfort. It can save counter space against your walls and allow you to face and engage your guests while washing dishes or prepping food. Whether you add a second sink or use the island sink as your primary, this is an effective way to make your kitchen workflow more fluid.

Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Credit: @laurenwatsonstudio Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

While similar in appearance to cast iron kitchen sink styles, fireclay is more durable. Fireclay is made by glazing clay at high temperatures, resulting in a surface highly resistant to scratches and chips.

Pros and Cons of Fireclay

Widely available in an apron-front style, fireclay sinks offer a classic and timeless appeal. Each fireclay sink is handcrafted for a unique touch. With a durable material and stylish appearance, fireclay sinks are recommended for upscale farmhouse kitchens.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Featured Product: Bacifiore 24" Stainless Steel Butler Sink

Stainless steel sinks offer long-lasting durability and timeless appeal. They are offered in various types, including apron-front, drop-in, and undermount. Some stainless-steel sinks have a matte, brushed surface, while others have a polished sheen.

At KALLISTA, all our stainless-steel sinks are fabricated from 16-gauge stainless steel to handle rigorous daily use.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Sinks

Light, easy to install, and always in style—a quality stainless steel sink idea will provide you with durable performance for years to come.  

Stainless steel is resistant to rust and nonporous, reducing bacteria buildup. Not only is stainless steel a long-lasting material, but it’s also versatile as it complements nearly every design style and color scheme.

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Kitchen Workstation Sink

Featured Product: Multiere® 45” Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

A kitchen workstation is more than a sink; they are specifically designed to create a functional workspace for avid chefs and entertainers. Workstations come with an array of accessories for food prep, entertainment, and cleanup.

Benefits of a Workstation Sink

Workstations minimize mess and maximize space. You can transform your kitchen sink by adding built-in accessories like cutting boards, colander holders, and a flatware tray.

If you do a lot of cooking and entertaining, consider a workstation like the Multiere® 45” stainless steel kitchen sink with deluxe accessories to make your processes more efficient.

Bar or Prep Sink

Featured Product: Bacifiore® Bar Sink

Also known as prep sinks, bar sinks are often used for making drinks or preparing smaller dishes. Bar sinks are generally single-basin and smaller than standard kitchen sinks. In addition to a wet bar area, bar sinks can be installed as a secondary sink on the main countertop or island.  

Benefits of a Bar Sink

A bar sink gives you an easy place to prep and clean if you frequently entertain guests. As they are considerably smaller than full-sized sinks, you can strategically place a bar sink in a spot that may be difficult to utilize otherwise.

A stainless steel kitchen bar sink is a wonderful addition to a home with sufficient space and opportunities to host guests.

Drop-In Sink  

Featured Product: Monte Carlo Round Bar Sink

Also known as a top-mount, overmount, or self-rimming sink, this kitchen sink type is installed into a pre-drilled hole on the counter from above. Then, caulk is applied to the rim, securing it to the counter.

Benefits of a Drop-In Sink

As one of the most popular kitchen sink styles, drop-in sinks are affordable and easy to install. The protective rim is especially useful for preventing water damage on porous countertops, such as granite and marble. Drop-in sinks are widely available and easy to install.

Corner Kitchen Sink

Featured Product: Bacifiore® Bar Sink

Are you looking to maximize your counter space? Try installing a sink in the corner of your counter. This image is the perfect example of using a small bar sink to accommodate an awkward space. Where a full-size sink wouldn’t fit, consider a bar sink. In this creative setup, a wall-mounted pot filler faucet sits above the sink, ready to fill pots or rinse dishes.  

Benefits of a Corner Sink

A corner sink is highly efficient and unique. While not necessary or practical for every space, a corner sink can enhance functionality. You may need a custom installation process to install a corner sink and any necessary faucets.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

An outdoor patio can be the perfect opportunity for grilling and entertaining. Depending on your needs, you can install a full-size sink on a grill island or opt for a smaller setup with a bar sink. You can install various types of kitchen sinks outdoors, including undermount, overmount, and apron-front.  

Benefits of an Outdoor Sink

If you prepare food outside, it’s ideal to have soap and water readily available. An outdoor sink helps you remain sanitary while cooking. In addition, you’ll always have a convenient place to wash your hands after yard work.  

When installing a sink outside, you may need to obtain permits and adhere to local codes, depending on your location. And if you live in an area that dips below freezing in the winter, you’ll need to winterize the sink.

Discover the Perfect Kitchen Sink Décor

Before making a final decision, consider your unique needs and preferences, including cooking habits, budget, and style. Use these key factors to determine what kitchen sink type is best for your culinary paradise.

As a leader in high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures, KALLISTA offers a series of chef-inspired stainless steel kitchen sinks by designer Mick De Giulio. Our elegant kitchen sink styles include apron-front, undermount, and self-rimming sinks, each crafted from fabricated 16-gauge stainless steel to handle rigorous daily use and weave in the classic sensibility that will withstand the test of time.

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