14 of the Best Kitchen Faucets for 2023 & Beyond

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September 16, 2022
Kallista Design

Searching for the best faucet for your kitchen sink can be one of the most creative aspects of your remodel. With an array of finishes and styles to choose from, you can create a unique culinary paradise.

Two luxury kitchen faucets, one in matte black and another in polished chrome.

At KALLISTA, our luxury kitchen faucets are offered in high-quality solid brass or metal construction for long-lasting durability and reliability. We have partnered with world-renowned designers to offer multiple collections ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Due to the wide range of styles, color-matched finishes, configurations, and installation types available, we’ve created this guide to help you discover the best kitchen faucets of 2023 and beyond.

Best Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Home chef setup with semi professional faucet and workstation sink.
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

For the home chef, your kitchen requires nothing less than the best kitchen faucet. The Juxtapose™ kitchen faucet by Mick De Giulio provides superior performance and functionality with multiple spray options. It also serves as a centerpiece with a gracefully arched spout. 

As an esteemed designer, Mick De Giulio has been creating kitchens for distinctive residential and corporate projects throughout the United States and abroad for over 45 years. His projects have been featured in leading design publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and more. 

Key Features of the Juxtapose Semi-Professional Faucet

Detail of the multi-function spray design of this superior semi-professional faucet.

• Offered in three signature finishes: Matte Black, Stainless, and Polished Chrome
• Three-function pull-down sprayhead with touch control allows you to switch from aerated stream, to Sweep® spray, to Boost™
• Master Clean sprayface features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup
• Magnetic docking arm that securely locks the sprayhead into place
• Additional luxury kitchen accessories, including soap dispensers and pot fillers, are available to complement the faucet

Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

High-end pull-down kitchen faucet in a golden finish.
Featured Product: One™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The best kitchen sink faucet is one that is both functional and stylish. To achieve a cleaner space with maximum efficiency, consider the sleek gooseneck design of the One pull-down faucet. This faucet features the latest in technology and provides laminar water flow for a smooth release of water.

Offered in an array of our signature metal and mixed metal finishes, you can choose the style that best coordinates with the rest of your kitchen design.

Key Features of the One Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

One of KALLISTA's best kitchen faucets, featuring a pull-down mechanism and polished chrome finish.

• A built-in sprayhead assists for deep cleaning 
• High-arch spout design with 360-degree rotation offers superior clearance for a variety of sink activities
• One-piece, self-contained ceramic disc valve allows for both volume and temperature control

Best Traditional Bar Faucet

SHining gold bar faucet with a traditional angular spout.
Featured Product: Quincy™ Bar Faucet

Having a bar sink is a great advantage in the kitchen as it frees up more space for preparing food or cocktails. Equip your bar sink with our Quincy bar faucet for a luxurious result. This compact and versatile faucet has a remote valve configuration, allowing you to install it in your preferred location. 

Key Features of the Quincy Bar Faucet

Remote valve installation example of this brilliant gold bar faucet.

• Easy to clean with mild detergent and warm water
• 1.5 GPM aerator available
• Ceramic disk valves exceed industry longevity standards by more than two times

Best Kitchen Faucet for Water Filtration

KALLISTA's best kitchen faucet for filtered water features a 360-degree swivel spout.
Featured Product: Foundations Contemporary Filter Kitchen Faucet

Imagine having one of the best kitchen faucets of 2023 and it also comes with the benefit of fresh, clean water. This filter kitchen faucet provides filtered water right out of the tap by connecting to a water filtration system. Offered in a fine assortment of finishes, you can choose the style that best matches your kitchen hardware. 

Key Features of the Water Filter Faucet

Luxury chrome kitchen faucet.
Complements the Juxtapose™ Collection

• Flexible connections for easy installation
• 360-degree swivel spout
• Quarter-turn washerless ceramic disc valve

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Best Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Deck-mount bridge kitchen faucet is considered one of the best designs for form and function.
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Look no further than the Quincy deck-mount bridge kitchen faucet in Unlacquered Brass for a traditional-meets-designer look to enhance your kitchen design. The faucet features an angular spout and a raised base that allows for easy cleaning around the handles. 

Key Features of the Quincy Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A farmhouse design is the best kitchen for this brass deck-mount bridge faucet
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors

• The faucet rotates 360 degrees for versatility and harder-to-reach places 
• Ceramic discs offer long-lasting performance, exceeding current industry standards 
• Solid brass composition provides durability and reliability

Best Wall-Mount Kitchen Faucet or Pot Filler

Chrome and matte black pot fillers, one of the best kitchen faucet ideas.
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Wall-Mount Pot Filler

If you’re looking for the best wall-mount kitchen sink faucet, consider installing a pot filler for easy cooking and cleaning. This unique fixture will immediately elevate your kitchen to designer status. The Juxtapose pot filler by Mick De Giulio is offered in Matte Black, Stainless, or Polished Chrome to color-match other faucets and fixtures.

Key Features of the Juxtapose Pot Filler

The best kitchen faucet for filling up a pot is a wall-mount pot filler, pictured in Matte Black.

• Solid metal construction for durability and reliability
• Extensive 22" reach capability
• Quarter-turn washerless ceramic disc valve

Best Modern Kitchen Faucet

A deck-mounted bridge kitchen faucet in matte black, one of the best finishes for a kitchen.
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Enhance modern sophistication with the One deck-mounted bridge kitchen faucet. With its sleek spout, soft curves, and a tactile Matte Black finish, this faucet will enhance the look of any contemporary kitchen space.

Key Features of the One Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A modern white kitchen that is made beautiful with a black bridge faucet.
Credit: @serendipitedesigns

• Complementary sidespray and soap dispenser available and sold separately.
• Deck-mount bridge faucet with a seamless spout that reaches 8" 
• Features latest valve technology to allow for performance that exceeds industry longevity standards

Best Faucet for Farmhouse Kitchens

The best kitchen faucet for farmhouse interiors a golden brass bridge faucet.
Featured Product: Quincy™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Even the most sophisticated space can benefit from the warmth and comfort of farmhouse style. Consider pairing an apron-front sink with the Quincy deck-mounted bridge kitchen faucet. Unlacquered Brass offers an old-fashioned look to the faucet while expressing elegance with the unique design style.

Key Features of the Quincy Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

A shimmering chrome kitchen faucet looks best in a modern farmhouse interior.
Credit: @cherhousedesign

• Two-handle deck-mount faucet with 8" centers; seamless spout reaches 8 1/2" and rotates 360 degrees for greater versatility
• Long-lasting ceramic disk valves
• ADA compliant

Best Gold Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet in Unlacquered Brass, one of the best finishes for a golden shine.
Credit: @commongoodstudio Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

Nothing suggests luxury quite like a gold finish, and Unlacquered Brass kitchen faucets add an old-fashioned feel to sinks with a brilliant golden shine. The One deck-mount bridge kitchen faucet is offered in a brilliant living finish with a high arch creating extra room in the sink for larger pots and pans.

As one of the best solid brass kitchen sink faucets from KALLISTA, it’s designed for long-lasting durability. Continue the warm look of Unlacquered Brass throughout the entire kitchen with gold cabinet hardware and accessories.

Key Features of the One Deck-Mount Bridge Faucet

Gold and white kitchen interior, one of the best color schemes for a luxury appeal.
Credit: @twinconstruction

• Seamless spout reaches 8"
• Complementary sidespray and soap dispenser available (sold separately)
• Ceramic disc valves

Best Modern Bar Faucet

A matte black faucet is the perfect touch to this luxurious bar.
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Kitchen Bar Faucet

In a softer shade of black, Matte Black luxury kitchen sink faucets feature rich, charcoal colorations heightened by the slightly textured, brushed finish. The sleek design of the Juxtapose bar faucet by Mick De Giulio makes it an impactful addition to the kitchen or bar area, with gold accents providing a touch of warm elegance.

Key Features of the Juxtapose Bar Faucet

Gold accents serve as a beautiful contrast to this matte black faucet.

• Single-hole mounting
• 100-degree swivel spout
• Solid metal construction for durability and reliability

Best Faucet for Traditional Kitchens

Traditional bridge faucet design with a sidespray, best for cleaning dishes.
Featured Product: For Town Kitchen Faucet With Sidespray

Take inspiration from the classic Park Avenue apartments of the 1930’s with the For Town kitchen faucet. Intricately detailed hexagonal handles impart class and traditional styling. The included sidespray provides functionality for quick and convenient cleanup. 

Key Features of the For Town Faucet With Sidespray

Polished chrome bridge faucet with a traditional design.
Credit: @thorpeconcepts 

• Constructed from solid brass to ensure durability and reliability
• Two-handle, deck-mount bridge kitchen sink faucet with 8" centers
• Spout rotates 36 degrees with superior 11 1/4" clearance below spout for large pots and pans

Best Single-Control Kitchen Faucet

This single hole and single handle faucet is best for a single hole installation.
Featured Product: One™ Single-Control Faucet

Embracing the art of simplicity, the One single-control sink faucet has a sleek lever handle and a soft form that pairs perfectly with a variety of transitional and traditional bathroom interiors. The One single-control faucet is one of the best single-hole kitchen faucets for compact spaces. 

Key Features of the One Single-Control Faucet

A graceful arch spout works best for this single control faucet design.

• Solid-brass construction ensures durability and reliability
• Single-control faucet with 1-3/8" spout height from base to arch of spout
• Latest valve technology allows for better performance

Best Kitchen Faucet Finish for Warm Interiors

Unlacquered Brass faucet spouts, demonstrating a sheen that proves it s one of the best finishes for faucets..

Warm-toned metals have a stimulating vibrance that enhances the glow of distinctive finishes, appropriate for both modern and traditional décor.

In its unlacquered state, high-quality brass develops a deep golden hue that complements natural stones such as marble; warms up a black and white palette to keep it from feeling too cold; complements deep blue and olive green colors for a gorgeous, unparalleled look; and lends a soft, classic feel when paired with creams and greys. In fact, Unlacquered Brass is so timeless that it can add a striking contrast in almost any kitchen. 

Key Features of Unlacquered Brass

Unlacquered brass kitchen faucet with a bridge design.
Featured Product: One™ Deck-Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Lever Handles

• Develops a unique patina over time for distinct luxury
• Can be polished back to its original luster at any time
• Popularity dates back to the Victorian era, now with a modern resurgence

Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Stainless is one of the best kitchen faucet finishes offered by KALLISTA, with the appeal of stainless steel.
Featured Product: Juxtapose™ Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Stainless steel evokes a sense of professionalism, especially in the kitchen. KALLISTA offers an array of faucets in a brushed Stainless finish, which imparts a smooth-to-the-touch, slightly textured effect, reflecting the appeal of stainless steel. Pair it with a Mick De Giulio Multiere® stainless steel sink for a durable, sleek, and well-appointed kitchen. 

Key Features of Stainless Faucets

Stainless color swatch.

• Easy to clean
• Match other hardware to the faucet
• High-quality solid brass or metal construction for durability and reliability

FAQs About Finding the Best Kitchen Faucets

What is the best faucet for the kitchen sink?

First, take the time to look at your kitchen and determine your design preferences. The best kitchen faucet is ultimately one that catches your eye and serves as a seamless element of the overall design approach.

Styles range from traditional to contemporary, and you can mix and match them for a unique, transitional result. Additionally, consider the size of the kitchen and sink space. Is the sink large? Do you have limited space? From there, you can choose the best single-hole kitchen faucet or the best wall-mount kitchen sink faucet to fit what’s ideal for the space. 

What is the best brand of kitchen sink faucets?

For more than 40 years, KALLISTA has created kitchen and bath fixtures designed for luxurious environments and transformative experiences. Through each kitchen fitting and fixture, we seek to cultivate moments of enjoyment, such as the simple delight of gathering with loved ones in a well-appointed kitchen.

The long-held principles that guide us are form-driven design, perfection through innovation, and a devotion to the finest details of high-quality craftsmanship. 

Where can I buy the best kitchen sink faucets?

KALLISTA kitchen faucets are best experienced in person. Experience the inherent beauty of our luxury kitchen faucets at a showroom near you.

Can I install a kitchen sink faucet myself?

KALLISTA offers detailed instructions for each of our products. To be absolutely sure that your products will live a long life and work properly, consult with a plumbing or design specialist to make sure they’re installed correctly and professionally. 

What is the best finish for kitchen sink faucets?

Multiple Kallista faucet finishes.

KALLISTA's portfolio of finishes transforms faucets and fixtures into stunning, one-of-a-kind showpieces in a decadent range of artisan-inspired hues. Sculpted in layers to ensure color penetrates the metal, each finish elevates the feel of a space with a touchable quality and dramatic aesthetic.

Whether you want Matte Black, Unlacquered Brass, or Brushed Nickel kitchen faucets, KALLISTA has the perfect finish for your project.

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