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Ready-to-Ship Program

Program Details 2023:

Newest production additions include Central Park West in Chrome and Pinna Paletta in SNW-SN.

Look for the Ready-to-Ship icon across the website to easily identify products available for rapid shipment. 

KALLISTA is committed to keeping select high-demand products in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Select KALLISTA® products with confidence, regardless of timelines, for bathroom and kitchen projects. Products are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact customer service for current lead times, 1-888-4KALLISTA.

The Ready-to-Ship (RTS) program offers the following benefits:

  • REDUCED LEAD TIMES RTS SKUs and rough-in items are currently shipping within 3 days on average. Lead time calculated based on order entry date.
  • PROVIDE GUIDANCE Assist sales associates when working with a customer that needs product quickly.
  • OFFER A COMPLETE SOLUTION Allow consumers to select KALLISTA with confidence.

 *Note: KALLISTA stocks additional products beyond the Ready-to-Ship program. Lead times vary (2 - 10 days).

Please visit your nearest KALLISTA authorized showroom to place your order.