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Script Saint-Louis

Script Saint Louis COL

Script Saint-Louis

by Kallista

A collaboration with Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis) of France brings to Script a series of one-of-a-kind decorative crystal knobs, each handcrafted by its gifted artisans. Renowned for its crystal works since the late 16th century, Saint-Louis continues to create its rarified crystal works using the same old-world techniques of blown crystal and exquisite hand etching. Each an individual work of art, the two-dimensional color is emphasized through the hand-cutting process, the exposed layers culminating in a faceted effect like that of a fine-cut jewel. Curate your perfect look with crystal knobs available in Flannel Grey and Clear.

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A true celebration of the eclectic character of the contemporary home, Kallista’s diverse range of products and collections embrace the art of personal expression. Our pieces embrace an aesthetic that is striking yet timeless, matched only by our commitment to the pursuit of innovation in kitchen and bathroom design.

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