Irreverent Glamour: ONE™ FP5

Delight in eclectic flower-shaped form and vibrant color.

A Whimsical Touch to Contemporary Fixtures

The ONE™ FP5 handle combines the color and eclectic sensibility of postmodern design with the ornamental glamour of Hollywood Regency interiors. Flower-shaped form and vibrant colorways infuse the ONE handle’s minimalist design with an imaginative spirit, celebrating a departure from convention.

A Delightful Homage to Self-Expression

ONE™ FP5 is available in five signature finishes and three powder-coated colorways: pink, blue, and cream. Each piece exudes an idiosyncratic warmth and eclectic spirit through its distinctive floral motif. The complete collection includes a widespread faucet, shower trims, and a freestanding bath filler.

Crafted with Precision

Each FP5 handle undergoes a careful zinc casting process to ensure a foundation of durability and strength. Power coating is then exactingly applied to create a flawless and vibrant finish, imbuing the handles with their dynamic color and delightful sensibility. Kallista’s highly curated approach and commitment to unparalleled artistry makes every piece a living embodiment of the power of creative expression. Connect with a Kallista expert to begin your journey.