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  • Script Your Story

    February 2017
    Inspired by the 19th century, the all-new Script collection has a timeless design characterized by ornate details and modern form that allows you to craft your own story. Blush Bronze, a new living finish complements the Script collection beautifully.
  • Per Se Saint-Louis

    January 2017
    KALLISTA has partnered with French crystallerie Saint-Louis - a part of the Hermes group - to expand its Per Se Decorative collection and create a stunning, new faucet. Handmade with numerous cuts, each faucet handle makes a lasting impression.
  • Vintage Elegance Reimagined

    December 2016
    Drawing inspiration from the Park Avenue apartments of the 1930s, the For Town collection by Michael S Smith exudes timeless opulence. Elevate its classic design with authentic French crystal handle accents.
  • Tall and Handsome

    November 2016
    Sleek. Soft. Minimal. Inspired by mid-century modern design, the Per Se tall spout faucet from KALLISTA comes in a range of finishes, adding distinct style to any bathroom space. Available in a tall or low spout option. Discover the Per Se Tall Spout.
  • Minimal Design. Extraordinary Look.

    September 2016
    Infusing minimalistic design with classic character, the One Decorative collection by KALLISTA in collaboration with Andre Kikoski is designed for individuals who appreciate simplicity in design.
  • Your Canvas Awaits

    July 2016
    Add a personal touch to any bathroom space. The Circe cast iron claw-foot bathtub from KALLISTA is available with a primed exterior to provide a range of customizable design possibilities.
  • Ageless Beauty

    July 2016
    A material known for its durability and warm aesthetic, Unlacquered Brass has a rich history that dates back to the Victorian Era and is returning in popularity to match today's modern environments.
  • Two Collections, One Extraordinary Look

    April 2016
    Inspired by a bow tie silhouette, the Papion collection features a sleek, tapered design and glossy finish that embodies modern style.
  • Lasting Elegance

    March 2016
    With its sleek geometry and unique minimal form, the Pure Paletta collection offers a clean aesthetic that complements a variety of décors.
  • Laura Kirar's Newest Collection Paletta

    February 2016
    Patterned after a plume, Laura Kirar's newest collection marries geometric shapes with intricate details to create a timeless piece of art that complements any space.