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  • 2016 Pricebook

    January 2016
    Price guide to KALLISTA products organized by both product category and collection for ease of use
  • Pinna Paletta Sellsheet

    October 2016
    Pinna Paletta, designed by Laura Kirar and KALLISTA is crafted to be effortlessly elegant. Discover the power behind this artful collection.
  • One Decorative Sellsheet

    October 2016
    One Decorative, designed in collaboration with Andre Kikoski redefines the art of modern minimalism. Four precious stone inserts add to the luxurious experience. View the collection.
  • Pure Paletta Sellsheet

    October 2016
    Pure Paletta, designed by Laura Kirar and KALLISTA is sleek and sculptural. Discover the power behind this artful collection.
  • Taper Sellsheet

    October 2016
    Taper, designed by Bjarke Ingels and KALLISTA reinvents minimalist design, turning the practical into poetry. Unconventional, playful, this collection beckons to be explored.
  • March 2016
    KALLISTA offers an array of full suite bath solutions. Explore our Circe claw foot bathtub.
  • Per Se Decorative Sellsheet

    October 2016
    Per Se Decorative, with its rich layered details and soft, modern aesthetic is as eye-catching as fine jewelry. Explore this embellished decorative collection.
  • Per Se Sellsheet

    October 2016
    Slender, soft and minimal, the Per Se collection embraces its name delivering a clean aesthetic and thoughtful composition. Explore this soft modern collection.

    January 2016
    Discover how KALLISTA elevates the daily rituals of bathing and grooming to high art.