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May 1998


Kallista, Inc., a leader in decorative plumbing design, introduced last fall the elegant assemblage of Hampstead lavatory faucets. The designs are traditional and enduring, while their graceful styling reflects classic European form.

Kallista designers captured these time-honored qualities of elegance, tradition and symmetry when creating the Hampstead faucets for the Retro Kallista Collection.

With multiple handle and spout options, Hampstead offers a full line of elegant combinations to tastefully complement fixtures in any upscale bath.

Hampstead basin set faucets are offered with either cross handles or ceramic-lever handles. Clearly marked on each handle are the words "hot" or "cold," further evoking Hampstead's traditional appeal. Two distinct escutcheon options -- round and petite, or majestic and hexagon -- serve as graceful accents.

Hampstead's faucet spouts are stately fashioned, and homeowners can choose one of three styles.

The standard spout is simple in design and smoothly sculpted with a gradual arc.

The hex spout almost mirrors the shape of the standard spout with the exception of a more sweeping arc, while its shape, as its name suggests, has six finely chiseled, concave sides. Kallista designers have devoted precious time to detail as the hexagon design is carried through with the faucet's pop-up rod as well.

The Victorian spout is traditionally fashioned with rolling curves, subtle contours and extra height. It pivots from a tall, slender stem, allowing the user to conveniently move the spout to a desired position. As the spout stretches far over the basin, its straight and narrow reach sweeps dramatically upward and slopes back down to form a perfectly symmetrical semi-circle.

Hampstead's new faucets are offered in several lustrous finishes, including Antique Bronze, Chrome, Gold, Nickel or Brushed Nickel. In addition to these options, Kallista introduces its new elegant and durable Endure polished-brass finish. Offered with a lifetime guarantee, Endure is scratch-, corrosion- and tarnish-resistant for the most intense bath use and will always look as new as the day it was installed.

In addition to this classic line of Hampstead lavatory faucets, Kallista adds a traditional wall-mount faucet to the collection. This elegant faucet has a clean and simple design, while the spout features a dramatic, sloping arc. The faucet is available to customers with cross handles in Nickel Silver and Brushed Nickel finishes.

Kallista utilizes the finest valves in all of its high-performing bath and lavatory faucets to ensure years of maintenance-free use. Hampstead faucet valves feature diamond-hard, ceramic discs instead of conventional seat washers, assuring that installations will be leak-free for years, even in the harshest water conditions. Also, Hampstead faucets are NSF-compliant.

A splendid selection of complementary bath accessories bring personality and function to the bath and further enhances Hampstead's classic Edwardian-styled faucet collection. These beautiful accessories include a glass wall shelf, corner soap basket, robe hook, wall glass holder and glass, tissue paper holder with cover, and 12- and 24-inch towel bars. The bath accessories are also available in Endure, Antique Bronze, Chrome, Gold, Nickel or Brushed Nickel finishes.

"For centuries, Hampstead thrived as an upscale village in the northern part of London," said Christopher Lohmann, general manager-Kallista. "Today, with its graceful blend of luxurious homes, both old and new, Hampstead has transcended time and remains a charming and quaint residence for the privileged or wealthy."

Kallista manufactures and distributes products of exceptional quality and design for the kitchen and bath arranged into four luxurious collections -- Kallista, Retro Kallista, Decorative Kallista and Barbara Barry. These exquisite products are available in fine showrooms in major cities throughout the world. For more information on Kallista's kitchen and bath products or to obtain sales literature, consumers may call 1-888-4-KALLISTA or visit the Kallista web site at

Hampstead Wall-Mount Faucet with Cross Handles in Brushed Nickel Hampstead Wall-Mount Faucet with Cross Handles in Brushed Nickel