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April 1997


SAN LEANDRO, CA (April 3, 1997) -- Under a complete product re-launch unveiled at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Chicago, Kallista has added a wide selection of exciting new additions to an entirely streamlined product offering. A manufacturer and distributor of classic kitchen and bath products, Kallista has re-structured its product line into three main collections -- Kallista, Retro Kallista and Decorative Kallista. One-third of the product line is completely new and speaks to the company's tradition of superb styling and enduring value.

The new, rejuvenated Kallista offering is the result of sweeping changes to enhance design aesthetics and improve product technology. The company now offers a collection that includes a wide range of distinctive sinks and faucets for the kitchen and bath; an expansive selection of traditional vitreous china lavs, basins and toilets; high performing and luxurious whirlpools; and two specialty collections -- Retro Kallista and Decorative Kallista.

Under the main Kallista collection, the company has added a new high-performing, two-piece toilet -- the first toilet ever offered by the company. The addition completes the popular Kalligraphos bath suite. Kalligraphos, meaning "beautiful form" in Greek, is characterized by clean silhouettes and gracious curves. The toilet follows the form of the Kalligraphos suite, which includes an elegant, oval whirlpool and vitreous china self-rimming and under-counter basins.

The style of the Kalligraphos toilet is matched by its superior performance. While the unit uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush, conserving up to 11,000 gallons of water per year for a family of four, it is engineered to outperform toilets that use more than twice as much water. Superior flushing is achieved through a system that rapidly fills the trapway with water and creates a siphon that quickly and effectively pulls waste from the bowl. A jet of water finishes the job by cleaning the drain. The toilet's large water surface provides for better hygiene and maintains a clean bowl, because water covers most of the bowl's surface and prevents residue from accumulating. Finally, the Kalligraphos toilet's two-inch glazed trapway offers more efficient waste removal and a "smooth as glass" surface which adds to the flushing action.

The infusion of new product, improved technology and a simplified product line that focuses on timeless design and enduring quality enables Kallista to continue a tradition of excellence while reaching out into new directions for its customers.

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Black Kalligraphos Toilet