Featuring a winning combination of pure power and water conservation, the Kallista toilets with water saving siphon jet technology boast remarkable bulk waste removal. Additionally, its large water area helps maintain a clean bowl, and an optional 1.4 gallon flush setting offers water savings of up to 3,200 gallons per year per toilet.*

*Based on 10,000 gallons per year usage of a 1.6 gallons per flush toilet.

The following performance features highlight the comprehensive advantages of water saving siphon jet technology:

  1. A large 3 1/4-inch flush valve helps create rapid water flow that results in outstanding flushing capability
  2. Precisely positioned rim holes deliver a complete bowl rinse that ensures less routine toilet cleaning
  3. The fully glazed, 2 1/8-inch trapway provides an ultra-smooth channel for efficient bulk waste removal
Water Saving Siphon Jet technology