Pressure Balance Valves

Pressure balance valves sense the ratio of hot and cold water supplied to the valve as the user turns the handle.

  • Dependable and easy to operate
  • Clean look with no need for separate volume control
  • Prevents scalding and startling cold water
  • Maintains consistent temperature

Advantages of Kallista Pressure Balance Valves include:

  1. 3/4" NPT inlet
  2. Large Internal Port for high flow
  3. Mixer Cap Reversible for back-to-back and upside-down installation
  4. High-Temperature Limit Stop for presetting maximum water temperatures; additional scalding protection
  5. Ceramic Mixing Discs
  6. 1/4-Turn Stop
  7. Forged Brass Body
  8. Pressure-Balancing Diaphragm Assembly: Protects from scading hot or starting cold water, Keeps desired temperature +/- 3 degrees F
  9. 3/4" NPT Outlet (not shown)